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McDonald's Thailand

We were in Thailand recently, and we just had to drop by McDonalds. McD is noted for it's consistency in taste and in quality worldwide.  But how about calories? To cut a long story short - here's the summary:

At a glance, we notice that the serving sizes is smaller in Thailand; plus less calories in various menu items. For a Thai Big Mac, it is 4% less (in terms of weight) than a Malaysian Big Mac. But shockingly, Thai Big Mac has 11% less calories. Cheeseburger in Thailand has 2% less calories, and Fillet-O-Fish has 3% less calories. A small difference of a few percent would be fairly consistent. McChicken Thailand has 6% less calories than its Malaysian counterpart, and McNuggets 7% less per serve.

The Shocker

They have a Double Big Mac - which has four pieces of beef patties; for the price of 102 Baht (burger only). No nutritional information is provided on the tray liner. One can only wonder the amount of calories it packs.


There appears to be a difference less calories and smaller serves for menu items in McD Thailand. We can only hope that McD Malaysia will follow suite with smaller serves and less calories in our menu items.


Tray liner from McDonald's Thailand.

Breakfast - A closer look at Coffees.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us the energy to start our day and to perform well in our task. So, we ask - what should we drink for breakfast? Let's not ruin our dieting and slimming plans at the start of each day. In this article, we have a look at coffee. It is a common drink, especially to jump start our day.




Brand Packaging Calories per serve (kcal)
Nescafe Classic Bottle (Powder) 1.3
Aik Cheong Kopi 'O' Sachet 9.3
S-Fit Cappuccino Sachet 45.0
Nescafe Regular 3-in-1 Sachet 86.0
Nescafe Mild 3-in-1 Sachet 86.0
Nescafe Rich 3-in-1 Sachet 87.0
Nescafe Gold 3-in-1 Sachet 87.0
Super 3 in 1 Coffee Mix Sachet 88.0
Agromas Premix With Gano Sachet 91.0
Agromas Premix With Ginseng Sachet 93.0
Nescafe Original Milk Coffee Drink Canned 99.0
Pokka Vanilla Milk Coffee Drink Canned 103.0
Nescafe Ice Canned 108.0
Boss Short Break Latte by Suntory Canned 108.0
Nescafe Latte Milk Coffee Drink Canned 110.0
Pokka Cappuccino Drink Canned 115.0
Milo Fuze 3-in-1 by Nestle Sachet 121.0
Milo Tin (Powder) 124.0
Nescafe Mocha Milk Coffee Drink Canned 125.0
Superbest Power White Coffee Sachet 129.2
Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee Canned 135.0
Milo Original by Nestle Canned 149.0
Alicafe Premium Gold by Power Root Canned 149.0
Oldtown White Coffee 3-in-1 Sachet 188.0


To view the full image of the table, click here.


With no surprises, black coffee such as Nescafe Classic and Aik Cheong Kopi 'O'  (no sugar, no creamer, no milk), is the best. It has no sugar and absolutely low in calories.
However, not many of us like the taste of black coffee. It's fairly bitter and it has to be an acquired taste. For coffee with milk and sugar, S-Fit Cappuccino is recommended. It has half the calories of the nearest 'rival' Nescafe Original 3-in-1, and 35% less sugar too.

In general, canned coffee drinks are high in calories.

The Shockers

The top of the list shocker has to be Oldtown White Coffee. It has up to 188 kcal per serve and 16.3g (or 3.8 teaspoon) of sugar. Not a fantastic choice if you are on a diet.

Another shocker is the Alicafe Premium by Power Root. This drink, packs 22.30g of sugar - that's 5.3 teaspoon of sugar.

For comparison purposes, Coca-Cola has 25g of sugar per serve.


It is encouraging to see that Agromas products, which is by FAMA Malaysia fared pretty well, sitting in the middle of the table when sorted by calories.


Milo has been included for comparison purposes, as Milo is a very popular beverage in Malaysia.

Our Recommendation

Do select your beverages wisely. Black coffee is the way to go. It is too easy to drink calories, and mess up with our diet for the day.


Our analysis excludes cases whereby we make our own coffee. Yes, we will write about that soon. We acknowledge that the sample above is does not represent the full range of products available in Malaysia and we do not have the resources to include all products available in the market.


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